The finest care solutions for the people who deserve them the most.

They’ve never asked for much.

We all have parents or other cherished seniors who have lived full lives, raised families, and been valued contributors to the community. We’ve admired their self-sufficiency all our lives. But now they rely on us, and we have an opportunity to reciprocate. From that desire came GeriGentle.

It all began with a glove and two hands. gloves

During the ‘80s, demand for medical gloves skyrocketed, and shortages were common. GeriMedix was a pioneer in finding a solution. Turning to the Far East—then largely untapped—our founders bet the company on their new, untested suppliers. The bet paid off, GeriMedix gloves were a hit, and suddenly the biggest challenge was keeping up with demand! Expansion and diversification became the next goals, and GeriMedix grew and grew.

If you can’t find it, make it.

As customers’ needs grew, sometimes the market didn’t quite keep up. That was another huge opportunity, and GeriMedix began custom-designing and manufacturing proprietary, unique solutions to unmet demands. A new company was formed, GeriGentle, which immediately began to develop its reputation for innovative products, customer responsiveness, and uncompromising quality at reasonable prices.

We’re continuing to expand our proprietary product line.

Have a product need that hasn’t been met? Talk to us.

If it’s feasible and sufficient demand exists, we’ll turn your idea into a product you can use.

Talk to your innovation partner. Contact GeriMedix today.

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