In October of 1985, GeriMedix, Inc. opened its doors in the Red Hook warehouse district of Brooklyn, New York. Its two founders, Harold Rubin and Joe Green, turned their philosophy of business into a mission statement that would govern the goals and policies of GeriMedix through the years to come:

“We are committed to on-time delivery of cost-effective, high-quality medical and surgical products for the benefit of long-term care facility residents, and the continuous improvement of unique, personalized support services to care providers.”

We accomplish this goal with goodwill… humor… and lots of both! This fresh approach to a proven business model is a direct offshoot of Joe and Harold’s countless personal visits and painstakingly nurtured relationships with long-term care facilities over many years. Having personally witnessed the special needs of the elderly and the responsibilities taken on by the professionals caring for them, the partners knew that this is not merely a business of cartons and crates for profit, but rather of meeting the needs of valued individuals and their dedicated caregivers.

Over the past 30 years, our business has flourished under this model, due in no small part to the continuous recruitment and development of talented people who have learned to share our vision and service philosophy.

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